Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eco Friendly Seed Favors!

If you are looking for a cost effective, easy to make and eco friendly wedding favor then you've found it! These little seed packets are easy to make and also a lovely reminder of your wedding day for your family and friends to enjoy.
What you need:
You will need to collect the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls or rolls of kitchen paper ,
A few packets of seeds,
some stamps or ribbons, markers etc to decorate,
and a stapler.
How to Make:
for each paper towel roll you'll get three, about 3" wide seed packets. You can make them samller if you like, this will depend on your seeds and how much you are giving. Flatten the rolls, measure how big you want them and cut, then stamp to decorate and decorated in whichever way you prefer, staple one side, add your seeds then staple the other side.Bigger seeds such as sunflower seeds work best if you are just satpling or you could insert a full packet of small seeds if prefered. The seeds shown are Four O' Clock flower seed for a wedding that starts at four o clock!

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