Friday, February 5, 2010

A touch of Vintage style!

Anyone who regularly reads my blog will already know that I love anything that can be done with my glue gun! And the quicker the better! Well you wont find a much quicker or easier idea than this to add a touch of vintage style to your reception tables! This is a really great way to also use up some of your left over lace from your wedding dress or coat if you are having it made, and if you are only at the buying fabric stage get a couple of yards extra. If not try and get a bit of sale lace or if this is even outside the budget you could always buy a packet of doilies which would give the same effect. As for the glasses anything goes, try saving up some jam jars, baby food jars or sauce jars to add some shabby chic style to your tables!

So first of all get your lace or doilies and cut them into shapes around the flowers if required and to the required heights, then either paint them with some clear drying glue like pva glue or a paint on starch or spray them with a good quality starch to make it stand good and straight. Leave to dry.
Next simply get your glass container, wrap the lace around to fit and glue it on with the glue gun.
Add a candle or t light & voila! Beautiful yet inexpensive table centers for your tables.

And last but not least I just wanted to share this gorgeous cake picture with you, I think this is Class! You can still have your traditional white cake and surprise your guests when you cut into it with this truly modern twist! I am sure that most confectioners and cake makers could recreate this for you easily. Yum, it makes my mouth water!
Have Fun!

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