Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DIY - Mass Scrolls instead of Mass Books!

Sometimes the most simple things are the best, if you are struggling with trying to get your head around the traditional Mass Booklet then why not take a lead from the Americans, who are opting instead for a Mass Scroll! These are very easy to make yourself and can be colour co-ordinated to match your theme, also they would look really pretty in a basket with matching ribbons, here's some ideas for what you may like to include on them:
Your names,
Date, location and time of ceremony,
The order of events for the wedding ceremony, including titles of readings and songs,
The names of the wedding party,
Names of your parents, clergy, readers and musicians,
Thank-yous, dedications and remembrances.
Remember it's your day, so do it your way!
On a slightly different note, a friend of mine has just launched his first album, so he is looking for hits on you tube, every hit counts so if you like this video please look for gravel poets on you tube! (or request a radio station to play them!!!!)If you live in the Dublin area and would like to come along and see them you can find the list of upcoming gigs on their website : http://gravelpoets.com/fr_index.cfm you can also buy this song or indeed the full album by clicking on the cd baby box on their site

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