Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winter Wonderland anyone?

Ooooooh! O.K. so I admit, I love Christmas! and although I love the summer and the sunshine it's somehow nice to get back to crisp cold days with a lovely fire inside! (although I do hate the rain!!) But this time of year I get alot of brides asking about Christmas weddings and winter themes, what can we do to make it different? Well you can do alot! You can go for a lovely silver and blue theme as above or an equally beautiful red and gold theme (maybe I will do that tomorrow? Check back!) And although I think that the picture on the bottom left (with all the Christmas trees) is a little in the extreme, you could achieve something a bit more subtle by using the same idea. let your imagination run wild! Think Fog machines, and lighting effects with snowflake filters, beautiful iridesent snowflakes on the tables and lots of fairy lights. You can make beautiful and not very expensive table centers by using some of the plants that are available such as small christmas trees with snow or gittered finish and put lots of pincecones and t lights around the base of them, If they come in plain pots just spray paint them in a colour to match your scheme. Or how about some nice glass hurricane jars filled with baubles and fairylights? Put a cracker at each place setting and you could also pick up some inexpensive chocolates in the shape of christmas trees or snowmen (the type that you hang on trees) and tie one to each napkin with a piece of ribbon. Of course if it all seems like it's just too much work, we would be happy to do it for you! Check back tomorrow for the red and gold theme!

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