Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th! Jacintas Wedding at The Star Of The Sea Church Quilty, County Clare & Afterwards at the Armada hotel, Spanish Point

wedding at the star of the sea church quilty, county clare

O.K, I should have known when I took the booking for today Friday the 13th that Murphys Law would apply (anything that can go wrong..........!) but all is well that ends with a Happy Bride!(& Groom!)

Today was the Wedding of Jacinta & Dermot in the Star Of the Sea Church in Quilty, but a clerical error put a Funeral and the Wedding back to back, leaving a window of only 45 mins between the funeral and the wedding, which of course didint leave me with much time for floral arrangements! (No slacking today then!)

My long suffering husband offered to come & lend a hand but he woulding really have a clue what to do............Thankfully an Angel came to my rescue in the form of My friend Maeve (check out her fabulous handmade wedding invitations here: She really was a Star, she tied on all the bows on the seats, lit all the candles and was a generally great help. So we got it done by the skin of our teeth! And the bride was delighted with the results! (Phew!!!) Next time there is a Friday the 13th I'm staying in bed!!! Hope your day was good!

And Hearty Congratulations to the Happy Couple! (who I'm sure had a great day!!!)

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