Friday, November 27, 2009

Easy Christmas Centerpiece

christmas rose centerpiece
Materials Required:

■Cylindrical vase or clean empty can
■Two sided tape (found at most hardware or scrapbooking stores)
■Rubber band
■Candy canes
■Wide ribbon (must be wider than rubber band)

1.Wrap the two sided tape around the vase/can once approximately halfway down the vase/can. (The two sided tape will help keep the candy canes from sliding out from under the rubber band.)
2.Slide rubber band around the vase/can.
3.Begin inserting the candy cans behind the rubber band.
4.Tie the ribbon around the vase/can taking care to cover the rubber band with the ribbon.
5.Fill with water and arrange roses.
Another “Bride Idea”: Use mini candy canes and baby food jars or small fruit cup cans to create small individual vases which can serve as place cards. Just attach a label with your guests’ names to the ribbon

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