Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Easy Christmas Centerpiece and Place cards

Here's another quick and easy centerpiece for all of you christmas brides out there
Buy some boxes of christmas baubles and use them for your christmas centerpieces,
you can get a colour to match your theme,
Or if you have a bigger budget get some clear baubles and some battery operated fairy lights,
and layer them in a bowl together for a great effect!
You could also add stars, pine cones or christmas sweets to the bowl,
or add a couple of small seasonal flowers or some mini roses,
and perhaps layer a little christmas pine underneath for a lovely christmas scent
First place some baubles in a pretty glass bowl.........
(they don't all have to be the same you could use "fishbowls"," brandy glasses", "Martini glasses" or "sweet dishes" Vary the heights
Layer the fairlights in between.......

add a couple of stars and ........Voila!

Of course you need place cards to match so why not liven up some plain baubles in contrasting colours(see instructions below!) and add a little tag with each persons name
Or if you have added pine cones to your display,
Glittery pinecones make wonderful wedding favours and/or place card holders at a christmas wedding or winter wedding.
This pinecone painted in icy winter colors with sparkling glitter accents is perfect for a wonderful favour for your holiday guests. Create one for each place setting at your holiday table, then insert a slip of paper with the guest's name in the leaves of the pinecone. At the end of the evening, everyone will have new ornaments to bring home and hang on their own trees. What a wonderful way to create long lasting memories of your wedding. (instructions also below)

For the bauble place card you will need:

• A baking sheet
• Kitchen aluminum foil
• 3-inch-diameter glass ball christmas ornamentwith removable metal cap
• 6-inch square Styrofoam block
• Drinking straw
• High-tack white glue
• Micro glitter in coordinating color

1. Cover baking sheet with aluminum foil. Remove cap from glass christmas ball and set aside.
2. To facilitate decorating, place Styrofoam block on cookie sheet and stick straw in center. Insert cap end of glass christmas ball on straw.
3. Make swirl design or other desired design on surface of christmas ball with nozzle of glue bottle.
4. Sprinkle glitter over glued areas. Let dry completely. Shake off excess glitter. Replace cap.
You've now got customized Christmas Wedding place cards that double as wedding Favors!
You can also try getting glue "pens" and writing the name of the person on the bauble, sprinkle glitter over, leave to dry completly, then put the date on the other side, thus creating a lovely keepsake for your special day, (this would be very time consuming so may be a good idea to do for just the top table?)
For the Snowy pine cones

You need:
• Kraft paper
• Small pinecone
• Rubber gloves
• Spray primer in white
• Gloss spray paint in mint blue or green
• Spray adhesive
• Plastic winter snow
• Fine glitter in warm highlight
• 1/3 yard of thin silver twisted cording
• Scissors

Note: Always work in a well-ventilated area when using spray paint.
To make:
1. Cover clean, flat work surface with kraft paper. Place pinecone on paper.
2. Put on rubber gloves. Apply thin coat of spray primer to pinecone. Let dry completely. Apply one or two more coats of primer, as necessary. Let dry completely.
3. Apply thin coat of spray paint to pinecone. Let dry completely. Apply one to two more coats of paint, as necessary. Let dry completely.
4. Apply fine mist of spray adhesive to painted pinecone. Wait 5 minutes or until cone is tacky.
5. Lightly sprinkle plastic snow on pinecone until it sticks and desired effect is achieved. Take a pinch of glitter and sprinkle over pinecone. Let dry completely.
6. Make loop with silver cording and tie in double knot around top prong of pinecone. Trim ends.
These would look beautiful on top of crisp white or red napkins with
a little sprig of christmas holly or ivy.
(and don't forget the christmas crackers!!!)

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