Thursday, November 19, 2009

Centerpiece Idea

The Painted PotsCovered Toilet Rolls!
The Finished Product!

Here's a quick and easy project for all of you D.I.Y. Brides!
It's also great when you consider that it is virtually free to make and using mostly recycled things thus helping the environment!
So What you will need is the following:
1 x Pot for each centerpiece,
Some Large Twigs From the Garden or ask for Mitsumata or contorted willow at your local florist
lots of old toilet rolls,
Some fabric or wallpaper to match your theme,
Some fringe, ribbon, feathers, boa, or beaded fringe (try hickeys)
Some crystals or Glass beads with holes in top,
Some Moss
Thin wire or see through thread(fisherman's thread)
Some Plaster of Paris (or a small bag of cement)
& Some Small Flowers to decorate (silk will work best here but you can use real if you have time the morning of the wedding!)
and a glue gun is also a great help!
Begin by painting your pots in colours to match your chosen theme,
You could spray paint the bottoms and just paint the collar by hand if wished
Pick out one two or three branches per pot depending on size of pot and size of branches,
Make up plaster of Paris (or cement) following the instructions on the packet,
And add to the pots, with the stick(s) inside, holding them in place until they set
Cover the old toilet rolls with the fabric or wallpaper, using the glue gun
(or failing that double sided sticky tape!)
& don't worry if it doesn't quite cover the ends as your ribbons etc will cover them anyway
When they are dry have fun sticking on your embellishments either end of the tubes, you could just put a simple strip of satin ribbon in a complimenting shade either side or whatever you wish
Make a couple of small holes in one end of the tubes and thread them with the invisible thread or wire which will be used to hang them
Hang them on your tree, along with the crystals or glass beads
Use the Moss to Cover the bottom bit where the plaster of Paris is and randomly glue on some small flowers to the tree
Stand Back and admire your work!
(Use your imagination for these trees, they can look so Fab, you can also try these ideas,
if you are having a Christmas wedding, how about adding a set of battery operated fairy lights to each tree (Dunne's have some fabulous one's at the moment with little stars on) Or buy them now and save them for your summer wedding if you just love the fairy light effect!
Use strings of Pearls if you are having a pearl themed wedding (you can also pick these up very easily at the moment look out for tree garlands)
You could hang small Christmas decorations from the branches
If you are having a spring or Summer wedding why not try adding butterfly's, lady birds or small birds to the branches
Hang strips of organza ribbons with diamante hearts or ovals from the branches
O.K that's enough from me, I hope I have helped, If you make one of these please e mail me a picture, & I will "showcase it here on my blog, I would love to hear your ideas too, or if you have something that you would like to share please e mail me!
Have Fun!

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