Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So what IS your style?

Time and Time again, brides ask what to bring with them when coming to meet up with me to discuss their wedding flowers. But what kind of flowers should I choose? Is the question most often asked of me. Well What you should choose is what you Love! If you Love Sunflowers use Sunflowers! If you love a Vintage look, use old fashioned flowers like peonies and full blown roses! Everything is Possible and can be recreated, but first of all it is important for you to let your florist know what your personal style is. So Back to what should you bring! Well you should first of all arm yourself with some wedding magazines and a big envelope! Now go through those magazines and cut out any pictures that appeal to you, and equally if there is something that you totally hate cut that out too. Now Stuff that evnelope! the more that you can bring the easier it is for your florist to get an idea of flowers you love (and equally flowers you hate!) It is also important for your florist to get an idea of the style of your dresses and of course the colour, if you have chosen the colour it is helpfull to take along a small scrap of the colour of the bridesmaids material so that your florist can match the colour. Also if you are planning on having a theme it is important to discuss that too as your florst may be able to help or suggest items that you can use. So Now you have a slightly better idea of what you need! Ready, Set.........Go!

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