Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feeling Blue..........?

Bridal Bouquet of Blue Roses with Pearl Accents

Hydrandgas, but not like your Granny Knew them!!

Modern Style Bouquet of Blue Hydrandga suitable for Bride or Bridesmaids

Cream Roses with Eucalyptus and Erringium (sea holly)

Bridal Shower Shaped Bouquet of Roses, Muscari, Hyacinth & Orchids

Overarm Bouquet of Light Blue Delphiniums
Suitable for Bride or Bridesmaids Bouquets

Bridal Bouquet of Blue and White Roses with Silver Accents & Diamantes

Arrangements suitable for Church or reception with white calla Lillie's and blue delphiniums

more colourful bouquet of Anemones

Table Arrangement of Blue Delphiniums

Bridal bouquet of cream roses and blue freesias

Arch made with blue freesias, Ivy and White Germini's & Gyp

Close - Up of Arch
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