Sunday, March 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever!

Not long now before Royal Wedding Fever grips the nation! Almost time for the countdown to begin! As a florist I can't wait to see which flowers Kate will choose for her bridal bouquet, so much to choose from - will she go vintage which is of course a huge trend at the moment or will she go modern and break with tradition, I personally think that she will go for a mixture of both, using a traditional lace style dress and carrying a handtied (shock horror!) bouquet rather than a large waterfall bouquet, but consisting of traditional flowers, my predictions for the flower choices are pictured above and top of the list is lillies (middle pic) which are said to be kate's favourites, david austin roses, top left, a sprig of myrtle which is a royal tradition started by Queen Victoria (beside the david austin rose) White daffodils (top right) because they symbolize Prince Williams' status as one of the Prince's of Wales, Peonie roses (2nd over from right on the bottom) or fairtrade kenyan roses, (because Prince William proposed to Kate in Kenya) and lilly of the valley or freesia (both under the david austin roses) to add to the scent, White is the traditional colour used for all Royal Wedding Bouquets so I would imagine that this will remain the trend. As for the church arrangements I think they will be a mix of all of the flowers above, with lots of bigger showy blooms such as delphiniums and hydrandgas but with lillies featuring prominently. Of course I could be totally off the wall wrong!!!! but as I said I can't wait to see!!!

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