Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever - the Heir and the spare!!!

Royal Wedding Fever may not be gripping us too hard yet here, but in america they are totally enthralled already, the latest that I have found is a kate and Willam fridge (yes you did read that right a fridge!)hmm indeed, somehow I can't see sales rocketing but then again who knows?
the royal refridgerator!!!

and in other Royal news Poor Prince Harry has being dubbed the 'spare' and apparantly (according to msnbc news) masses of american women are flocking to england with just one purpose in mind - Marry Harry! Dubbed 'Harry hunters' these ladies are reading all the royal gossip blogs to find out 'hot harrys hangouts!'
Ha Love it!!!
If you want to see this news video click here to be directed!

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