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Royal wedding fever (2) Princess Diana's Bouquet

princess Diana's wedding bouquet
Princess Diana's wedding bouquet was designed for her by longmans florist's of london who also designed and made the bouquet for queen elizabeth when she married in 1947. (longmans have since sold their business, although their daughter Lottie Longman still works as a florist)
Because of a mix up with bouquets when Queen Elizabeth got married (her bouquet went missing and was unable to be found for family photographs) not one, but Three wedding bouquets were ordered for the Wedding of Diana & Charles to ensure that this would not happen again. One was used for the rehersal the evening before, one for the ceremony and one was delivered to buckingham palace for use in the family portraits. As is tradition (started by queen Elizabeth - the queen mum as was, who lost a brother in worl war 1) one of these bouquets was placed on the tomb of the unknown soldier at westminister , this is a tradition that is still carried on today.
Diana's bouquet was 42" inches long and 15"inches wide and was a cascading shower shaped bouquet of similar fashion to those carried in victorian times. It became a trend setter for weddings at the time, as at that time bouquets were comparably small. However the designers of diana's wedding dress david and elizabeth emanuel encouraged her to have a large bouquet as a small one would have been lost with the dress.
The flowers used in the bouquets comprised of:
Gardenias, Stephanotis, Freesia,  Lilly of the valley, yellow earl of mountbatten roses,
(a tribute to the groom's uncle Lord Mountbatten) odontoglossum orchids,
hedera (ivy), tradescantia, veronica and a sprig of myrtle which is a royal tradition, taken from a myrtle bush which was grown from a sprig of myrtle grown from queen victoria's wedding bouquet .
The bouquet was said to have weighed in the region of 2- 3 kilos - imagine carrying that around all day!!!
Princess Diana's Wedding Bouquet

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