Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shabby Chic!

if you are looking for another easy peasy and usefull wedding favour why not try something like this? Kind to the environment too.......
buy some packets of heart shaped cookie cutters then just tie on to the back of a chair, leave on a napkin, or if you are feeling rally creative bake a bag of cookies to go with this, decorate with some pretty ribon ....done!
Sometimes the simplest things can look so well, save up those cans instead of binning them, wrap a pretty ribbon around them and fill with some nicely open roses, to create that country feel, budget won't stretch to flowers?
Don't Panic!
Save the cans wash them out, fill with water and freeze. Arm yourself with a nail and a hammer and a teatowel. (mind your hands!)Punch the nail into the can to create holes -you can make a paper template if you need to, you can make hearts, stars, or just lots of small holes, dont forget to punch a hole at either side of the top of the can too, so that you can thread some pretty ribbon through to make a handle, pop a tealight inside and you have a pretty little lantern, use to line a pathway or as a focal point on your tables, these look really pretty at night and are very easy to make, my kids always make them at christmas with stars and they are so cute!

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